DigiTech TSR-24S
DigiTech TSR-24S

TSR-24S, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the TSR series.

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Adamante 12/12/2005

DigiTech TSR-24S : Adamante's user review


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The TSR 24S is a multi-effect processor 1U rack which was part of high-end brand before Digitech abandon this niche market effects. It is roughly (I do not want to be perfectly assertive but I think that's right) to a DSP 2101 Artist without the preamp section. (He was still selling 10,000 francs at the time in nine! Which was not nothing.)
There are all the classic effects that may want to have to sculpt a sound: first of all the reverb (this is mainly a reverb processor), delays, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, phaser, tremolo, gate.
These are of course effects in 16 bits, which are rendered realistically months as processors in 24/96, but the effects are of very good quality anyway, and can get just about everything the you want.
All effects are editable and you can choose the order of effects in the circuit (the delay before the reverb or chorus first and then the reverb ...).
The connection is simple: traditional MIDI connections (in, out, through), a stereo input and stereo output + 2 auxiliary (for quadraphonic).


For my part, I had two manuals, one in French and one English. It details everything in the processor and thus makes editing easy, once one has understood how to do to chain effects together (because the order in which the different blocks in place effects is crucial in the final result).
The few acoustic considerations are interesting and allow us to understand just what a reverb.
All effects are easy to edit independently of each other. This is the reverb that contains the most possible settings: the famous Gigaverb is very good and provides all the sound you want (it's still the reverb on Vai Sex and Religion).


I am guitarist and rendering I get with this processor is fine with me (obviously I'd like to have an Eventide Eclipse, but it is not the same price!). The efffets are good, even if the 16 bit does not make all the subtleties of the original signal. Ceoendant is not a vintage processor, and a sound color donnne Hi-Tech is far from déagréable. Reverb, as I said is very powerful, but the delays and chorus are good too. The downside is the pitch shifter, which is not good at all (as on all processors at the time, except for Eventide course) because it does not sound the guitar (it Chemical really!). This is not for this that you buy this processor ...


I use this multi-effect for a year now, and I do not regret my purchase. If this is the reverb I like the most, for its part "Giga", other classical effects are largely up to it.
It is certain that 200 euros, this effect dethroned in more than one, especially since it is not that difficult to find. So, in the same circumstances, I repeat that choice, because all we ask him to do, within the limits of its powers, it does so quite successfully.