DigiTech TSR-24S
DigiTech TSR-24S

TSR-24S, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the TSR series.

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zooyork 11/15/2003

DigiTech TSR-24S : zooyork's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Multi professional effects. It includes various modulations, delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, pitch shifters, arpegiator, tremolos, sampler, noise reduction etc ... various effects ...
It has a very powerful eq.
The effects are set to different levels of settings. An LCD screen allows you to refine every detail of the effect.
Between Stereo, Stereo output and Conexant + to noon.


The configuration is very complete. It is in the form of algorithm, to explore every possibility imaginable ... (I think I read that The Edge (U2) used this rack on the album Zooropa). In fact you can browse the pages diffrent SETTINGS using cursor easily accessible.
The manual is complete.
There are 105 preset and 105 user, leaving room for the wildest Creations ...


The highlights are undoubtedly the reverb (including the famous DigiTech Gigaverb), the delay are powerful enough, the chorus is warm, the phaser is nice.
In short the whole is very very good, and is netement best that I could try to boss ...
It is in fact (without distos) of the main effects found in models "DSP Artist/2120".

Note that the effects rack is of course destined to guitars, but it also includes modules adaptable to keyboards, bass, vocals, drums etc..


Finally, very rich, very full, very wide in use and sounds really professional.
Excellent quality price.
If I had to take one? the same without hesitation.