DigiTech Studio S400
DigiTech Studio S400

Studio S400, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the Studio series.

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ttomba 12/03/2004

DigiTech Studio S400 : ttomba's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Modular. CPU power is up to leave a quarter of a block of 8, or 4 quarts over two half, or 4 quarts, 1 half, 1 full, etc.. fourth block offers very simple style echo effects 370m, prdelai, early reflections, reverb mono, phaser, flanger, detune, Pitchshifter, or 2WAY chorus, a band of parametric EQ, etc.. Each block has 6 to 12 parameters to be set.
with half-block or blocks around there are more choices (stereos reverbs, chorus 3-5WAY ...) but we can not so take advantage of 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

2 LFO and twelve o'clock variables can control the total maximum eight parameters among the variables of the blocks / demiblocs / quarter unit (eg cutoff frequency of the LP of the analog echo quarter block n1) is a fair bit but it's enough in most cases.

There is no automatic adjustment of the tempo echo noon, but we can control the echo time with a MIDI controller (type regelbank, modulation of the master key value or cubase)


It's complicated but I actually waited a bit.
Finally got used to it quickly and it becomes quite logical to use, but a bit tedious when working with 8 quarts block (only one button to move between the blocks).
Brief settle so many things with so few buttons could have been worse.


The reverbs are top, a little cold, ps very natural.
The rest is very good.
For the price it's really correct.

It is a versatile tool


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