Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon LXP-1

LXP-1, Multi-Effects Processor from Lexicon in the LXP series.

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U-FLYstudio 09/29/2003

Lexicon LXP-1 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Indeed the half-rack format output the very late 80's, it has two input and output jack, a MIDI in and a thru, a footswitch input and location to connect the power 9V.
In front are 6 knobs and a rotary switch and a diode ddi messages to noon.
The edition of internal parameters is limited and extrment s'aparente an MPX 100.
rouve have indeed:
- A button to the level of
- A button for direct-effect shuffled
- A button to the output level
- A selector for Crant DIFFERENT algorhytms
- A button notched to the reverb time rglage
- A button notched to delay the rglage of pr


L or the machine is a rel interest is when a branch MRC, MIDI controller using edit multiple machines and storer of the brand. Indeed, it becomes possible to edit the 8 paramtres most current (decay, pr delay, size, HPF, LPF, low time x, diff ...) and especially to save these given in the MRC es, it is sufficient to recall through the notch of the tlcommande for recall directly into the LXP1


The quality of effects is done all of Actual even if the signal to noise ratio is not worth that of a machine rcente. All reverbs found the most common:
- Hall, medium, small, large, room, flat
- Reverse gate
- Delay, chorus.
as often in the lexicon flat ring done everything well, and thanks the MRC can be CRER of trs beautiful effects with short sizes small pices trs!


In short a good machine that finds its full effectiveness when she combines her sister LXP5 and controls both by the MRC.