Sony DPS-V55M
Sony DPS-V55M

DPS-V55M, Multi-Effects Processor from Sony.

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voicetrack 12/06/2004

Sony DPS-V55M : voicetrack's user review


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(Atention, I did that for 3 days)

Rack 2 U, 4 in 4 out (jack), MIDI etc.

config can be 4 in / 4 out, while in parallel or 2 out and 2 with 1 or 2 stereo effects in series.

Reverb, delay, pitch, flanger, phazer, chorus, compressor, limiter, gate, distotion, 3D sound ... etc


The manual is not necessary, the machine is super simple and a few minutes sufisent fonctionnemen understand its effects and editing.


It's pretty clean and usable largemen, a breath does not. The rendering is pretty good.

I think the reverb is all that can be used and are not ridiculous cot a Lexicon or TC. The flanger, chorus and the phazer is correct. The pitch shifter has only two modes (in a SE-70, there are two sides + 5 modes), but in some Lexicon and TC is not even a choice so it's not so bad, appres is true that only two pitch against 6 for 2 channels on channel 12 or M-2000 on a Boss SE-70 with adjustable pitch, fashion, and pan Predelay but one can breath more)

the effect roll pitch is quite fun it can simulate in real time, and stop the dmarage a turntable or a band magneto.

The gate has settings that permetent pretty interesting effects on the sound.

No more than one effect per channel and no more than two effects in series (in-house but we can patch the 4in/out)

For now, his only weakness is my opinion that the vocoder is very average compared to those found in a Boss SE-50, SE-70 or Micromodular example.


I've had three days and I find it super quick and convenient use.

I will change my opinion can be later