chakhal 05/05/2012

TC Electronic M350 : chakhal's user review


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I will not repeat the list of effects that others will have done below. I'll just say the delays and reverbs are a pleasant surprise for me with this machine. This is even why'm glad purchased.
I regret that the design prohibits certain combinations of effects. Mainly, what I miss is not being able to put delay after another effect ...


The presentation is extremely simple. The edition in memory is not complicated at all but it is not very accurate nor very comfortable. I have not read the manual because the editing was easy to understand.
I find the mix of this machine totally absurd. It has a button on a mix between the effect (chorus, delay, compressor ...) 2 and the effect (reverb) and a mix between the button and change its input. This is not accurate, especially since the buttons are not linear (and absolutely not graduate)!


The sound effects are obtained through the undeniably rich. It opened my outlook.


I have 3 years. I know that typically include keyboards and effect as it is at a level above. This rack is very good in his field but, as I wrote above, difficult to fine tune. The value for money is honest. I think I test the settings of the competition before choosing a next time.

PS: there is no on / off button on the front is absolutely detestable and switch between the two effects in parallel or in series on the back is rather absurd. (I'm still attached to this machine)