TC Electronic M350 : Anonymous 's user review

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cf. information already given.

Otherwise, yes, Leopolmopa did not understand, but he admits to not always understand everything. The editor to control the M350 from a PC, it is the site of CT, and is found here - https://www.tcelectronic.com/m350software.asp

There was life before the USB, and TC Electronic is not lying, just that the issue through the south, via an easy and ergonomic.


Configurations easy to determine. Manuel clear enough, especially as it passes very quickly to the empirical discovery of the bug.
Editions, but I do them more than with the PC interface, and I do not touch any more buttons. I define my presets, I save them as banks attached to my songs one after another like that when I worked for several at the same time I remember the bank of such a piece, and all settings are responsible to the hair .


At TC, the reverb is a must. But the effects of the first motor is also very successful. For the price of this equipment, really, it's all good.
At the time my PC knelt once j'enquillais 3 plug-effects, I chose to buy the M350 and so opted for registration directly with the effect to the source. I've never been disappointed. It leaves no margin of error, of course, but the result is exactly the one that suits me.
I turn everything in (vocals, guitars, basses, keyboards), and I never felt as a result below my expectations.


It is in my HS for 18 months, out of my Pod XT Live was my first processor.
His technique is actually limited only to offer only + reverb effect and no effect + effect for example, but we know when to buy, we adapt.
Both new and secondhand is a little gem, and I re-equipment I had to lose. I think even to buy a second, but then he must explain why the Finance Minister should retool the same machine in two ... spa an easy job, home-studio owners! ...