stamkorg 12/31/2010

TC Electronic M350 : stamkorg's user review


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It is a dual processor effest, Reverb + Effects.
I only use the reverb and delay.
Both are very good.


clear, easy to use thanks to the knobs.
It's simple, you select an effect, and with all the knobs to zero, the sound of the factory setting after just change what you want, if you will.
A manual mode where you play with the knobs and the sound is related to the position of the knobs, and a mode "Preset" and there one can find sounds that set memory, max 99 presets.
Easy to use.


Very good in terms of my expectations, I use it for voice in an auxiliary console is clean and tidy. Now, I've never used processors to 2000 euros, I do not more venues than 3000 people, but for a small group of restaurants, bars and small venues, it is entirely satisfactory, .
Note that it is silent, no blast, and a gain setting allows the entry to return to good levels.


I can not understand the opinion of Leo ... which is very happy with the camera and posing a 4 / 10 ??!!??
This is a good auxiliary processor on a console. I did like that used for the rest, I do not know.
I read somewhere mixed reviews of guitarists ... This is not a multi-effects guitar, the fundamental point is the reverb.
If you are looking for chorus or phasers, there is surely something better.
Last thing, the stuff that matters most is the consistency of the whole material. If you play with consoles at 10,000 euros, you deserve better.
Any remark, for small users, the choice of a console with built-in effects can be interesting, too, is a choice to make informed choices.
I have a rack of 4 elements. The connection takes me 5 minutes to disconnect and ditto what is acceptable.