schlouff 02/09/2011

TC Electronic M350 : schlouff's user review

«  at a reasonable price »

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Almost everything has been said. I refer you to other opinions.

Accuracy still, when it is said ~ 200 factory presets (I forget the exact number), it is heard 200 possible combination with the buttons you have in front. Unpacking, so you have 99 memory locations to fill by turning your buttons!

Knowingly bought, I note therefore this section. Manuel


almost useless!
almost everything falls on the way! one branch is running (or not) the knobs and shoo! it feels effects!

Well, when I read in its entirety, for small details that are never useless. We discover thus far from being stupid suggestion: have an S / PDIF can use this effect device as analog to digital (48kHz 24bit) is effective, or bypass ...
Manuel also useful for the uninitiated du Midi

Even the editing of the presets is childish!


Course I did that yesterday, but the reverbs are varied and all have an intrinsic color, the delay works great (it changes me of "one knob" on my table!)
Other effects are also quite rich, even if we feel that this is not always the primary purpose rack. They are nevertheless very effective ...
Overall, I do not currently detected some form of ambient noise of the module and the effects are "hot" a wish!


I certainly did that yesterday and it is only my first multi-effects rack,
but I can compare the effects of my table and overall I have to buy the analog multi-effects (as opposed to those proposed cubase ....)

I originally thought to buy a home multieffect Berhinger, but critics can he seemed reliable, not durable, the other entry level model seemed fragile. So I put a little more expensive, time will tell if this model is sustainable! Most