Zoom 1202
Zoom 1202

1202, Multi-Effects Processor from Zoom.

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Duff-prod 06/14/2009

Zoom 1202 : Duff-prod's user review


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Boite a cousin of the effect 1201
2 in / 2 out + 1 jack for pedal
Editing is done on the machine itself.
But the "presets" already gives you what to do
you have 2 main benches and a Mini EQ and entered a mini EQ out
say that a good reverb and a good delay.
rack without problem.


Simple.les keys are very nice.
Very easy to use in less than a minute we find what we want.
The gates are cool, perfect on drums and percussion!!
The manual, Ive not yet open!


That's the bottom hurts, compared to its cousin the 1201,
effects be less relevant and certainly less powerful.
I use it on different instruments, but I understood that it could change the texture of "loops" of battery.

Moreover, the result is very good on the piano and other keyboards synthetic.
on guitars and bass, its not used to much ...
I actually had a studio ZOOM 1201: and if we compare the 1202 is worse.
the 1201 has more effect and even easier to use, and especially the effects are better defined (with the 1202, it changed little effect without perceiving the difference ... you have more time to adjust. ..) I have read that the blast was very present, I feel like saying, if you but the bottom is sure ... but its still set properly.


I use it regularly since 3years.
Ideal on drum loop and keyboard.

the + is its ease of use, and the buttons are nice
boxes of its foreign exchange effects with digital screens where you must press buttons 35 before reaching something correct.Avec the zoom settings are done in 2.2.

the -: the 1201 is still better.
if the effects do not sound synthetic at all, they are very good especially for the price.

I will ever be the same choice, but if I find a 1201 not too expensive I ressigne all away, but I'll keep my 1202, basically if you can get it at a price argus (50 euro) is really a great deal on the other hand if you ask more than 100 euro, so it will reflect a 2 time ...