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blackle 07/25/2011

Zoom 9010 : blackle's user review


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The Zoom 9010, four multi-effects are combined in one unit, Beyond programming types and chaining effects, it is unique among the various pathways of effects it offers. It means that you can change the internal connections of all effects in it. This offers an extremely wide range of applications. For example, it can be configured as four independent units or as a single unit with multiple effects loop effect. It offers a wide range of effects that are more or less successful and more or less logically arranged in four groups of effects, A, B, C and D.
The possibilities of MIDI controls are really good, it acknowledges the messages of change of pace, change messages and programs. These control functions allow the change of patch, via program change messages, and enable real-time control effect parameters by the control change messages.


I highly recommend to read the user manual before using it because there are so many possibilities for action with a limited number of keys. The keys are almost all equipped with a dual function depending on the selected menu or operation. They are used sometimes to select menus, and sometimes to control a parameter or display the alternate functions, create shortcuts for editing .. It is a device very flexible, very versatile, but unfortunately quite complicated to use.
MIDI programming, and any useful purpose, I advise you to keep handy the code table change in control.
In any case, and given the various combinations of treatment offered by this photo, you must make a logical programming:
-1 Decide first of all paths which modules and what effects are needed.
-2 Proceed with appropriate wiring input and output
-3 Select the desired effects
-4 Edit the settings for each effect.
You have to be methodical with this unit on pain of never being able to achieve the desired results or wanted.


First, there is a lot more to effect Reserved guitarist I've never served as a distortion, amp simulators .. so I can not comment on their qualities or their shortcomings. For other effects, they are neither great nor zero, a true response Normande (while I'm Brittany), seriously a lot depends on their settings, it is imperative to remain at the factory sounds that are rather bland.
The reverbs are a bit rough and scratchy, so I think we should not be used alone. The effects of pitch is not giving terrible sound and robotic ground. The effects chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and other cons are pretty good if we publish one bit.


A multi-effects multi-environment, and it is perhaps the main problem. The range of effects and impressive operating configurations offered are one of the Zoom 9010 camera comprehensive but far too general to be truly gifted in a particular area. It is neither good nor bad (the return of Norman / Breton) is just average in everything. I keep only some programs that I managed to automate some of my keyboards. I am fully aware that this device actually gives me a minimum of services, besides my husband kindly made the war as soon as I want to use. But I keep it for the reasons I just mentioned. He is my indispensable superfluous.

Sarah, a Breton who occasionally takes a Norman:)