Alesis Performance Pad
Alesis Performance Pad

Performance Pad, Multipad from Alesis.

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Hluk 09/01/2014

Alesis Performance Pad : Hluk's user review

«  Average but does the job for the price ... »

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I use it for more than a year.
I bought it to mount a transportable kit for small herds traveling or small rehearsals or the transportation and installation of a drumkit (acoustic or electric) is not possible. I also use it now to add instrumentals to my drumkit (bells, ribbon, etc).
Despite the name, this is not the Pro and far from it. The pads are not tops, or touching or quality and rendering (one return service after two months to change the trigger snare pad ... and I do not bourine).
The sound module is very average.
The ergonomics of electronics is awful ... I still do not understand the logic (which is used to Roland 1000x better in this area).
That said, for having researched the market, it is the only full pad that mimics prestas real pros (Roland, Yam) in this price range.
But despite all the work done with its limitations and asked me a good turn ... for the price once again.
I recently tried a Roland SPD-30 is it has nothing to do (quality / touch pads and sound module) but it's double the price. I am considering an upgrade for later.
What I like most: price and portability = quickly have a small functional drumkit play anywhere (held in a large sports bag with stand + support and small amp with subwoofer).
The least: the pads: touching, unwanted tripping, rebound tenderness.
My rating is 6/10 = good for the quality / price.