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sonnenblumen 06/25/2005

Yamaha DD-55 : sonnenblumen's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use the DD-55 prs since two months now and I'm starting to have well in hand. It comes with a silent snare stand and AC adapter, but I understand that all stores do not offer systmatiquement the adapter (it also works on drumkit for dsesp rs).
- Compact, fits any snare stand
- The look hot plate, we like it or not
- Two books with replaceable pedals, including the sensitive vlocitbr /> - Compatible with General MIDI (GM)
- Fashion hand-percussion
- 170 multisample sounds excellent bill and any order (drums jazz, rock, reggae, classical ... as well as congas, timbales, bells ...)
- Reverb intgredsactivable
- 100 songs of all styles to learn how to use it
- 7 + 2 pedals pads (8 controllers VLOC the sensitive pads with 4 large (5''large''and 3 small)
- Free assignment pads (allows for the equivalent of a double pedals ;-)
- Volume of each pad individually adjustable
- Intgr Speakers and headphone output (the quality is not top of HP, and must be plugged into a stereo amp or guitar to fully enjoy the richness of the sounds included)
- SETTING THE sensitivity of the pads

- Quality of pedals really mdiocre (fortunately what are replaceable!)
- Arrangement of pads requires adaptation PERIOD
- A single custom kit!
- A single song recorded!
- Reset all the presets if you unplug (even if the batteries): ultrachiant if one carries
- Rods supplied throwing IMMEDIATE
- Insensitive to strike VLOC low (<20/120 in the afternoon) because of its compact configuration: it should not be a strike on a pad dclenche another. But that's not the teachers and buzz rolls easily even when pass (although a bit on the end attenus)
- No progressive opening of the hi-hat (open or close only)

In conclusion: the IDAL tool for entering drum patterns in computer music thanks to MIDI for drummers who need to train in dplacement. A dsireuses avoided for people to really learn the drumkit (valid for all batteries in electronic general) I use it to make my drum patterns much more human and add a little improv (bearings, buzz roll, daddy-mommy, mills ... go flawlessly). Today, I could not do without it ;-) and I would do so this choice without hsiter. The sounds and pads are available - for me - much better than the Roland SPD-20 and SPD-S.
The quality-price ratio is excellent (classic Yamaha).
It possde everything you ask of a drumpad. Go, I put a 9 for the pedals and not super "problem of memory"