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Thread Audio production.

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1 Audio production.

I'm currently interested in studying music to be a producer with beats and a songwriter and was wondering if anyone knows any good schools that specialize with any of these that could assist me with my goals or if I would be better off studying on my own? So far I seen alot of schools that offer audio egineering/production and was wondering if they will give me the skills I need or would it be a waste?


Hi!  I am not sure of specific schools but yes, there are many good ones that can help you though they are not cheap.  I know of many good beat makers/producers who learned on their own by just buying gear, experimenting, reading alot and hooking up with other people.  Schools are good for people who may need a good kick to get going and need structure to learn things. So you have to ask yourself if you are motivated and self-disciplined enough to DIY.


it can't hurt. you'll def learn something useful


There are many around the country, I was recently going to Expression College in  Emeryville Ca.


Full Sail. Orlando, FL. One of the best in the country





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Audio schools can certainly be helpful, although I haven't attended one myself.  I've found that working around studios and in my home studio has been the best learning experience for me.  I'd recommend an internship at a studio before audio school as it doesn't cost anything but your time.