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Thread Ogg Orbis Recording studio

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1 Ogg Orbis Recording studio
My name is Paul Lewis and I currently have started a label of my own for my home town. I have recorded about 5 bands in the past year, but I have not really tried to get it out there for everyone to hear. The original recordings were live style recordings, Everyone plays along. They sound OK for me being a newb at the time, but as of now my quality is getting better. I now produce real sounding music and now I am starting to get this thing promoted.

I have a very basic studio set up. I have 1202 and 1002 behringer mixer. I have the 1002 for my guitars, synth, keyboard, bass, and anything of that nature. I use 2 toneworks processors and a fab distortion pedal for the guitars and bass. I have that hooked up to the last channel of the 1202. I use the 1202 for vocals and drums. I use cheapo mics with pop filters and use some massive equalization to get a nice arid sound. I then have that linked into a audiochoice 100w 4 channel PA system through the headphone output, and then also have it linked to my surround sound through RCA outs. After all of that mess I have my PA linked to my PC through the line out for recording. I have minimal hum and his, and get a very full sound out of this set up. I will be adding a tube preamp for more warmth and sound

I only use freeware from the internet for recording, because with all of the analog equipment, I do not need to buy 300 dollar programs. I use Audacity for recording, and I use Hydrogen for the drum machine.

I have recorded all types of music in my studio, and I am now going to dive into MIDI because it has interested me. I will soon be gettig Reason and Fruity loops along with a USB MIDI controller. If anyone has any type of advice as to what is best and what to avoid please hit me up.