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Thread Cubase Reason Or FL studio Help!

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1 Cubase Reason Or FL studio Help!
Hello i make Hardstyle trance and other genres of music and i use Fl studio 8 XXl i have used that in about 6-8 months now. But i want to use a program with some more options. And i dont know what i should buy ... I have tryed reason .. its okey,.. but i dont know about cubase.. cuz there are no demos out there.. someone please help.. thanks :)
Www.nikmanto - Danish guides too almost every music pogram
Cubase is much more complex than Reason or FL Studio but allows more possibilities. It depens if you want to spend time learning how to use a big software like Cubase.
Have you checked out Ableton Live 7? I've heard great things about it from a friend who just bought it. He tells me the synths are amazing and the workflow is smooth. I gather that it's pretty easy to use yet very powerful. Of course if you have money to drop... reason and cubase can both work in conjunction with Live 7... but if it were between reason and cubase: cubase
Can you help me with abelton 6 please
I currently use Reason 4 and Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer for my recording project studio. I have used older versions of cubase, and I think Cubase is great, so is Logic. But for me, I'm an old skool cat. I come from the days when editing a take meant a razor blade and a splicing block on a 2 inch reel, and the only effects racks were hardware. I'm saying all that because for me, Reason works best, because it imitates the older studios I'm used to working in. Cubase is really good, though. Logic makes me crazy! I can't seem to get into the workflow, but that's not saying much because FL studio's workflow drives me crazy as well; having said all that, if you like FL's workflow I think Logic is probably an even better choice than Cubase. I would suggest going to your local music store and demo each product, and make sure you only buy what you feel you could make music right out the box with. and then learn every aspect of the program. For me, Reason and Sonar work, but I could just as easily go with Cubase as well. I hope I didn't sound to confusing! :8O:
Have fun, and make music!

One Love,
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Yeah cubase is a big learning curve... and logic is even bigger. Reason works great for midi sequencing and is very great tool that is much easier to use.
Reason 4.0 is excellent for getting your creativity out. Your knowledge of all the different devices will be your greatest assets. Fl to me is a bit too limited unless you use vst plugins with it. I like to write my songs in rough draft on reason and the import the audio files over to a DAW like Cubase and use that DAW for full arrangement.
There is no such thing as the best nor industry standard. its how you use and what it is you want to do.