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Thread I am a total beginner.need help!

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Topic I am a total beginner.need help!
Hey to all...

Like i wrote , i am a total beginner in this so i may ask stupid questions :clin:

Now, i need computer software for music production which is not FL, because i cant stand it.

Ive heard a lot of good stuff about Reason, Nuendo, Cubase...but i dnt know which is the best for a beginner, a total beginner...

I also have some questions for equipment, but a assume that i must post that topic in other forum... :D:
If you are a total beginner, you should download Audacity audio editor. It is a completely free program that has the basics of computer audio editing features.

Audacity is a good and free way to go! You can also pick up cheap copies of Cubase, Ableton Live LE (think thats what they call it, some light version), or Sonar. Keep in mind that Reason is a different beast than the other DAW (digital audio workstations) you mention. Reason loads by itself and does not offer typical audio recording or editing. Its great for producing music, doing beats, etc.., I also do not think you can load VSTs into Reason yet, so thats something to consider as well. That said, it can be used via ReWire (which is another topic to cover).

Guess the best question is.. what are you lookig to do? Recording live instruments? Are you using virtual instruments only and loops/samples, etc..?

So whats up? Let us know a bit more about what you are doing!


All pleasant daypart. :) I write you from distant Ukraine, I am somting able already, but need help. I want more in detail to know about that how to make beats, or simply hear your criticism concerning my beats)))https://www.sendspace.com/file/xbncy5 thanks, sorry if it off top, I on your forum new yet , but think that will stay too long here on long)))))) :clin:

PS sorry for my English)))) :oops: