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Thread Where do external plug-ins hide in Ableton Live 8? (STOOOPID NOOB ALERT!!)

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Topic Where do external plug-ins hide in Ableton Live 8? (STOOOPID NOOB ALERT!!)
Dear Anyone.

I put the end bit of the title cos I KNOW this is a dumbass question. I just can't find the answer anywhere!

I've got a legal, paid-for Ableton Live 8. I also had another piece of music software which had a BUNCH of .DLL plugins in it, that I'd downloaded from the Internet. I did the scan thing with Ableton Live in Preferences and chose the folder where all the .DLLs were. It spent, like, ages scanning it and said everything was fine.

Except I still can't find them in Ableton Live. I've looked in Instruments, through all the folders I can find - I'm pretty sure it's FOUND them all, I just can't find where it's hidden the links to them.

Just to top that off - I KNOW it says in the manual you can drag'n'drop a plugin onto a MIDI track. I can't make that work either. I've tried dragging'n'dropping every .DLL I have onto a MIDI track and the cursor just remains a circle with a bar in it, and the .DLL doesn't come up anywhere on the Ableton screen.

Gawd, I feel useless! Anyone able to help me out - if so, please list ALL the steps, like if the answer's 'Look in Folder X', please tell me where Folder X is located, if you're locating it via Ableton or if you have to have Ableton minimized/turned off first, stuff like that! I really am bad at this stuff at the moment, bear with me.

Yours hopefully