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Thread HELP! Button Box software

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1 HELP! Button Box software
Please help!

I need a piece of software for my Mac (and iPad too, ideally) that will transform my computer in to a cart machine. Not too hard to find, I hear you shout! I am aware of SoundBoard, SportsSoundPro, SoundByte and DAC Cartwall, they are all competent programs, but not quite right....

I need the option to have multiple pieces of music assigned to a button. To be able to have a playlist attached where on each instance of pressing it, the button plays the next item in the list. Where you can control the fading of it in the same way as an individually assigned button, where if you stop it before it has completed, it still cues up the next item, not the one you interrupted again.

SoundBoard is brilliant, except for being able to assign playlists (or rotate cuts), SoundByte is nowhere near as polished but can have playlist buttons assigned, however you have no control over them at all, therefore for what I need, useless. Cartwall is good but PC only, as is SportsSoundPro.

I MUST be missing one! Please help!

I need the cart wall element to any radio playout software. EncoDAD, Myriad, anything like that....time is running out!! :oo:

Hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you soon...
Hi ReddieFreddie,

I must admit that I've never had a need to use cart software, so I don't have a suggestion for you. Perhaps one of our many knowledgable Audiofanzine members will have a recommendation for you.

Good luck!
Thanks Mike,

I hope so, I am running out of time and ideas!