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Thread Chord progression map that explains every song

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1 Chord progression map that explains every song
Pick a key then play any chord based on the tonic. Then, play ay other chord in the same key and follow the arrows in the following photo back down to the tonic chord from that spot.

Sounds confusing, but you'll get the hang of it. I've been looking at chords from some of my favorite songs (of varying genres) and 99% of the time, they follow this chart exactly

I recognize this map from a music theory tutorial site with loads of great information: http://mugglinworks.com/chordmaps/chartmaps.htm

Originally I thought I recognized this map from a different large online collection of music theory lessons which are also certainly worth a look: https://www.musictheory.net/lessons

Here you'll find a page that explains the above image in more detail: https://www.musictheory.net/lessons/57.

It includes an interactive, step-by-step explanation of progressions, with a virtual keyboard and everything.

With the increasing popularity of music technology and facilitation of home production, I worry that music theory is starting to lose its value amongst musical circles. But it's extremely valuable, and if you aren't particularly versed in theory, this site can do wonders for your understanding.