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Thread [Getting started] How To Tell the Key of a Song

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1 [Getting started] How To Tell the Key of a Song
How To Tell the Key of a Song
As we saw previously, the construction of any given scale requires that you respect certain intervals between the notes. To achieve that, and depending on the tonic and whether it's a major or minor scale, you will need to use some sharp or flat notes ─ alterations defined at the beginning of the score, next to the key.

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I can't wait till this series really digs into harmonies! I would play a game in the car with my brother where we would try and sing different harmonies to whatever song we were listening to.

Sometimes it was beautiful, sometimes not so much...

But I have no knowledge of music theory and I feel like the harmonies that I improvise tend to follow the same patterns and I don't have a good enough understanding to be able to create complex, mood-altering harmonies like at 3:33 on Paranoid Android:

Teach me the the ways of the harmony!