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  • [NAMM] Yamaha Bösendorfer 200DE3

    [NAMM] Yamaha Bösendorfer 200DE3

    01/16/11 in Yamaha Bösendorfer 200DE3

    Yamaha introduces the Bösendorfer 200DE3, the first non-Yamaha piano to feature the company's Disklavier performance reproducing technology, which is integrated inside the new model.

  • [NAMM] Yamaha Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano

    [NAMM] Yamaha Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano

    01/16/11 in Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano

    To celebrate its centenary, German automaker Audi teamed up with Austrian keyboard builder Bösendorfer to produce a grand piano, which Yamaha displays in its piano room at Winter NAMM 2011.

  • [NAMM] Yamaha AvantGrand N1

    [NAMM] Yamaha AvantGrand N1

    01/16/11 in Yamaha AvantGrand N1

    Yamaha introduces the AvantGrand N1, an entry-level version of the company's AvantGrand hybrid piano technology, which delivers the tone and touch of a nine-foot Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano in a smaller, more affordable package than the two other models in the series: the N2 upright and the flagship AvantGrand N3 hybrid piano.

  • [NAMM] Korg microPIANO

    [NAMM] Korg microPIANO

    01/15/11 in Korg microPIANO

    The microPIANO is Korg's compact grand piano.

  • [NAMM] Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C

    [NAMM] Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C

    01/14/11 in Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C

    Roland U.S. introduces the new Atelier Combo AT-350C for the gigging musician.

  • [NAMM] Roland RD-300NX

    [NAMM] Roland RD-300NX

    01/14/11 in Roland RD-300NX

    Roland introduces the RD-300NX Digital Stage Piano, the latest member of its RD series stage piano lineup.

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-18 V-Accordion

    [NAMM] Roland FR-18 V-Accordion

    01/14/11 in Roland FR-18D

    Roland announces the new FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion, presented as the world’s first digital diatonic accordion.

  • [NAMM] Roland AT-350C Video Demo

    [NAMM] Roland AT-350C Video Demo

    01/14/11 in Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C

    New Roland AT-350C Video on AudioFanzine

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-18 Video Demo

    [NAMM] Roland FR-18 Video Demo

    01/14/11 in Roland FR-18D

    New Roland FR-18 Diatonic Video on AudioFanzine

  • [NAMM] Roland V-Piano Grand Video Demo

    [NAMM] Roland V-Piano Grand Video Demo

    01/13/11 in Roland V-Piano Grand

    New Roland V-Piano Grand video on AudioFanzine