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  • [NAMM] Roland LX-15

    [NAMM] Roland LX-15

    01/18/12 in Roland LX-15

    Roland introduces the LX-15 Digital Piano, an upright-style instrument with grand piano sound and attitude.

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-1x Accordion

    [NAMM] Roland FR-1x Accordion

    01/18/12 in Roland FR-1X

    Roland announces the newest members of the V-Accordion family, the compact FR-1x.

  • [NAMM] Roland F-120

    [NAMM] Roland F-120

    01/18/12 in Roland F-120

    Roland announces the F-120 Digital Piano, with SuperNATURAL sound and an Ivory Feel-G Keyboard.

  • [NAMM] Clavia Nord C2D

    [NAMM] Clavia Nord C2D

    01/18/12 in Clavia Nord C2D

    Clavia is launching a new organ, the Nord C2D, with two sets of physical drawbars per manual to play with.

  • Masterclass on Brass recording with George Massenburg

    Masterclass on Brass recording with George Massenburg

    12/21/11 in Wind Instruments

    After having shared with us how he records drums, vocals, guitars and organ, now George Massenburg tells us how he deals with wind instruments.

  • Minster Digital Piano Range Expanded

    Minster Digital Piano Range Expanded

    11/01/11 in Gear4Music Minster GDP-500

    The Minster Piano range has been expanded to include a selection of cabinets and styles, from slim compacts to traditional uprights.

  • Alesis The Cadenza

    Alesis The Cadenza

    10/27/11 in Alesis The Cadenza

    Alesis announces that the Cadenza, an 88-key hammer-action digital piano, is now shipping to musical instrument retailers.

  • Pilgrim by Vintage Banjos

    Pilgrim by Vintage Banjos

    08/31/11 in Vintage Pilgrim Rocky Mountain Model 3

    Instrument maker Paul Tebbutt and Vintage guitars have joined forces to create a new series of eight Pilgrim by Vintage banjos.

  • Korg MA-1 Solo Metronome

    Korg MA-1 Solo Metronome

    08/29/11 in Korg MA-1

    Korg is now shipping the MA-1 Solo Metronome, available in two color options.

  • [NAMM] Shubb Ukulele Capo C9B

    [NAMM] Shubb Ukulele Capo C9B

    07/25/11 in Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo

    Shubb has launched a capo for ukulele, shown at Summer NAMM this past week-end in Nashville, TN.