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Other musical instruments news

  • Video Buffet Crampon  @Musikmesse

    Video Buffet Crampon @Musikmesse

    03/21/12 in Buffet Crampon

    Video Buffet Crampon @Musikmesse

  • [Musikmesse] Pure Acoustic Skyinbow

    [Musikmesse] Pure Acoustic Skyinbow

    03/21/12 in Pure Acoustic Skyinbow

    Pure Acoustic has announced that it is to reintroduce the Skyinbow electric violin series at Frankfurt Musikmesse.

  • [Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Electro 4D

    [Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Electro 4D

    03/20/12 in Clavia Nord Electro 4D

    In time for the 10th anniversary of the first Electro, Clavia introduces the new Nord Electro 4D SW 61.

  • Hohner John Lennon Series Harmonica

    Hohner John Lennon Series Harmonica

    02/18/12 in Hohner 592JLS John Lennon Series Harmonica

    Following the Bob Dylan and Steven Tyler Signature Series, Hohner announces the release of the John Lennon Imagine Signature Series harmonica.

  • Kohala Rainbow Series Ukuleles

    Kohala Rainbow Series Ukuleles

    02/05/12 in Lanikai Kohala Rainbow

    Kohala Ukuleles announces the launch of their new line of Rainbow Series colored ukuleles.

  • Hohner Anacleto Collection

    Hohner Anacleto Collection

    01/28/12 in Hohner Anacleto

    Hohner announces the Anacleto Collection, a new line of accordions made by accordion builder Anacleto Gabbanelli.

  • [NAMM] Washburn B7 Banjo

    [NAMM] Washburn B7 Banjo

    01/27/12 in Washburn B7

    Washburn introduced its new B7 Banjo at NAMM 2012.

  • [NAMM] Bösendorfer SP 155 Grand

    [NAMM] Bösendorfer SP 155 Grand

    01/23/12 in Bösendorfer SP 155 Grand

    Bösendorfer's new SP 155 Grand was on display on Yamaha's booth at the NAMM show.

  • [NAMM] Pure Acoustic Violin Shoulder Rest

    [NAMM] Pure Acoustic Violin Shoulder Rest

    01/21/12 in Pure Acoustic Linnd Laxo Violin Shoulder Rest

    Pure Acoustic has begun shipping its Linnd Laxo violin shoulder rest.

  • [NAMM] Yamaha NU1

    [NAMM] Yamaha NU1

    01/21/12 in Yamaha NU1

    Yamaha introduces the NU1, a hybrid piano combining the sound and feel of an acoustic instrument with digital technology.