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Neumann KM user reviews

  • Neumann KM 86i

    Neumann KM 86i - U-FLYstudio's review


    Micro my photo on the right, - MODL original, the lamp is followed by KM56 1966 KM 76 in the Dyn 3-pin power supply T12V that a year later is dclin in KM 86 (P48V dyn), and its output is then transformed XLR and the devriendra KM86i, - It is mon…

  • Neumann KM 74

    Neumann KM 74 - toots's review


    -static type cardioid stick rather instrumental though ... NOTICE GLOBAL -from 2 years: tested on winds, guitar, bass, saxophone, vocals (lyrics) -précis, extended register ... but leads to a 12V power supply -not bad Neumann (184,84,103,87…

  • Neumann KM 184

    Neumann KM 184 - toots's review


    -static stick NOTICE GLOBAL -4 Years: sometimes on stage (qd I have no 414) on guitars in the studio -prcis dynamic ... but as usual can be too boost treble medium: there is that watching frquence curve to realize that those who find this mic…

  • Neumann KM 184

    Neumann KM 184 - studiocanardou's review


    For acoustic instruments is a good part (violin, piano and even in the over head drum). OVERALL OPINION I use it since its release on scne in the studio. Relatively neutral (despite its small bump) curve is the manufacturer practitioner. On t…

  • Neumann KM 184 Stereo set

    Neumann KM 184 Stereo set - Grosgui's review


    This is a set of cardio electrostatic pressure gradient. OVERALL OPINION Set a really powerful and for the price (especially during argus) was worth it. Perfect atmosphere, even if AIM I can see that it gives a battery ... on the other hand X…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - toots's review


    -static like "stick" ... rather instrumental use but see the opinion of B Anceze for voice use NOTICE GLOBAL -2 Years - Very right curve and despite all very accurate: I did catch acoustic guitars (steel string luthier, good classical nylon a…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - Bernard Ancèze's review


    I have two, I'm crazy. I do not sell, but I saw one on ebay at the moment. Studio or live sound, strings, singing with caution, Stereo XY or AB. capacitor, 48v power supply. OVERALL OPINION I use these mics (2) for over 20 years couple ST …

  • Neumann KM 140

    Neumann KM 140 - theone's review


    Interchangeable condenser microphone capsules, the head "40" is cardio. Purpose. attnuateur-10dB in the body "100". cpasules there are "30" omni and "50" hypercardio. OVERALL OPINION 10 years of use, I had a good shot the era (8000ff for the coup…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - Cutboost's review


    Micro type cigar cardioid capacitor OVERALL OPINION Used two months a prod pop / folk / rock A jewel of an acoustic guitar. I use it paired with my API 3124 +. The sound is very warm, a beautiful presence, moving musicality. Much less con…

  • Neumann KM 184

    Neumann KM 184 - romaindesj's review


    Good condenser microphone for acoustic instruments. It runs on both sets of instruments took on a solo (strings, winds, percussion) I tried it on a lead vocal and it works not bad either. OVERALL OPINION A MUCH IS THE FIRST, he caractrise by trs …