Unfiltered Audio G8

G8, Software noise gate / expander from Unfiltered Audio.

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Unfiltered Audio G8 noise gate plug-in

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Unfiltered Audio has developed an innovative noise gate plug-in for Mac and PC that allows more than simple dynamic processing.

With the Unfiltered Audio G8, you can experiment and create various amplitude effects (noise reduction, AM/granular synthesis, stutter effect, bouncing ball-type rhythmic programing, tremolo, pan, transient shaping and more).


  • Cycle and One-Shot modes for sound experimentation
  • Customizable MIDI inputs and outputs to trigger the G8 from MIDI clips or sync instruments for drum replacement or groove extraction
  • Reject outputs to listen the audio that is blocked by the gate, which allows for creating amplitude-depended effect chains
  • Flip mode that swaps standard outputs with Reject outputs, which allows for using the G8 as a compressor or remove grains from the audio
  • Expert mode with advanced routing, amplitude and filtering features for each channel as well as individual input monitoring of up to 4 channels
  • Sidechain supported
  • Independent output and analysis gains
  • RMS and Peak meters
  • Lookahead control with latency data reporting to the host
  • Wet/Dry control for parallel compression/gating/expansion, with latency compensation of the dry signal to avoid phase issues
  • Variable gating depth reduction control
  • Hold and Hysteresis settings
  • Lock specific parameters when changing presets

The plug-in has been updated to v1.1, an update that adds an Audition mode to listen to the filtered sidechain, true zero-latency and various GUI improvements.

G8 is a VST and AU plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows 32 and 64-bit. It is completed with a Steam key so that you can use the Cloud to backup and sync your presets. A trial version is available at unfilteredaudio.com.


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