mooseherman 01/26/2010

Alhambra Guitars 4P : mooseherman's user review


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This is the real deal, folks. This guitar has complex and well-crafted design, with a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, an ebony fretboard, a mahogany neck and gold plated tuning heads. There are about 18 frets, but all the frets past 12 are difficult if not impossible to reach.


As I said before, the last frets are hard to reach. However, this is typical of nylon stringed classical guitars. It's very easy to get a really nice sound out of it, it plays like a dream. It's a great size and shape, too.


The sounds are undeniably great. The differences in sound are entirely up to the player, considering it's a nylon classical, but as far as those go, this is stellar. The dynamics possible with this guitar are exceptional, it's capable of being much louder than most nylon-string guitars. This was always an issue for me, and one of the reasons I wasn't particularly interested in these instruments in the first place. I now know that I was settling for second-rate instruments that weren't capable of the range and dynamics that I wanted. Now that I am more of a player of the types of music that are played on these instruments, I can appreciate the subtlety that this guitar brings. At the same time, the loudness is refreshing for a naturally quieter instrument.


The guitar looks and sounds beautiful. I have no complaints about it. It'd be perfect for performers as well as for recording, it sounds great with the right mics. It's a bit pricey, it usually lists over a grand but I've seen some great deals on guitars that seem to be new. This is one classical guitar that I think is far beyond most others I've played, and one of the few that I really liked that I thought I could realistically afford someday. Therefore, it's one of my favorites.