ebrian 12/14/2006

Alhambra Guitars 7Fc : ebrian's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Flamenco in Spain makes Muro de Alcoy Alicante prs. The Levant is particulirement rput lutherie.Bien built for her, massifs.Cdre wood for the table and wicker covers and cypress for the back: flamenco requires bne ... Touche.


Channel enjoyable when you are habitu.Excellents trs flamenco sounds of the attack, the characters, powerful, brilliant balance with acute as it should, it seems made for the plutt Thurs soliste.Mais you can play something other than flamenco.C is to know Spanish!


Type flamenco.Tout Password: rasgueos, tremolos, etc. arpges.
Excellent sound especially in relation to prix.Elle is in this field instruments quoting April 2 times chers.Je am not alone say it!


I have been using 1988.Elle has aged well but is fragile and sensitive to climate change as many guitars in this range and type (solid wood, the Spanish heel, fine table). Before the acqu I tried several RIR MODELS and I have other guitars espagnoles.Rapport excellent quality-price the height of the reputable of Alhambra in Spain and the world.This is a guitar we care!