Behringer Ultra Octaver UO300
Behringer Ultra Octaver UO300

Ultra Octaver UO300, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Behringer.

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lapiculteur 12/20/2012

Behringer Ultra Octaver UO300 : lapiculteur's user review

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ben is a octaver


you really can not find sounds cool with that I have not tried it with a bass guitar but it is a disaster.


sound quality! well it's almost a disaster. it works with the guitar a little on the three lower strings but with the fourth it starts to get more and if it is half and not even bother, it's nothing on the high E.
in short, to be honest, it is almost unusable.


I use it for a few hours and she left in the box. I bought secondhand 15 euros and I regret my sub is telling you!
no sound is exploitable, maybe with a low this useful?
I have not tried others.
voila, sorry to leave a review if negative, this is the first time it happens but frankly if I can avoid buying it I would be happy for you.