Danelectro DJ-12 Chili Dog Octave
Danelectro DJ-12 Chili Dog Octave

DJ-12 Chili Dog Octave, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Danelectro in the DJ series.

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m4rc1 01/25/2006

Danelectro DJ-12 Chili Dog Octave : m4rc1's user review


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She is very pretty, I'm a fan of DSOL Purple

Finally, for data sheet:
three knob (Octave1 [level], Direct [level], Octave2 [level])
Octave1: it is two octaves infrieur, trs loud (only used a ring ca-cane)
Direct: The sound that comes out of the guitar usually 0 if no sound comes out only natural (I like
Octave2: it is an octave infrieur, just enough weight to add body to its 'direct'

oh yeah I forgot battery or AC (it's like you want) there is a bizarre mention also not suprieur supply 300mA (I SIAS or not I will find a) until I use battery)


The use ca résumé is finding a branch and we hop we play a few hours. There are some tricks to enter dpart but a few turns of knob used to it by hand.

I put new, more con that there was a dwarf who comes in for us to adjust bote!


Oh! the WOW !!!!!

It is purely funky, a little blues. I love, mixing the octave 1 & 2 a gives us a funky p'tit effect is a rich all-encompassing, has added prsence standards in sound (it's like with a bass) it's cheaper than a bassist (Ahahahaha)

srieusement, it makes a velvet sound, but then made the gaffe at the wrong move, and yes when you play as a foot with the feet it sounds (I will not say) when we least INTERESTED makes arrangements to have lost a bit especially in the bass pedals (like MS) but when a single string like a good road with even more acute in the agreements, [XX0013] and others, SUPER !


I had the ocaz test a little more background of the product, and I'm afraid that I dropped a little. This means that the sound of the octave select sometimes drop (you lose a fraction of a second) that occurs only during a held note (c - d more than 5 seconds).

When playing rgulier and all are really no problem. Sincrement and the fact that it kind of weak to me dcourage not at all contrary gives a flavor and forces us to tame.

I changed my mind, 9


I buy today, unfortunately, not enough for us to talk about the durabilitplastique the box eh!) Otherwise has the looks also stronger than a behringer.
I compared with DJ12 (Shift daddy) that it offers a way suprieur octave (sharp enough thank you) but no way to remove the distortion (a I like less) NOTICE come to DJ12

For the price, really not the CAN $ 59, what about 40, not bad (I'm waiting to have died before us to give my final opinion)

8 / 10 CHAMPIONS! I recommend all my friends