DigiTech Whammy DT
DigiTech Whammy DT

Whammy DT, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from DigiTech in the Whammy series.

charlou la fouine 07/08/2013

DigiTech Whammy DT : charlou la fouine's user review

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Well we all know the whammy is one octave / pitch shifter with an expression pedal, but it makes us more of the drop-tuning. It is not life grand? Note that this is the premimère Whammy with a true bypass, and it means ;)

There are two parts: The Whammy traditional side with the "classic" effect (+ / - one or two octaves, dive bomb, harmonizer, detune ...)
The next drop-tuning, or you change the tuning of the guitar. It ranges from + / - 1/2 ton, up an octave, and more are the original signal with the octave (Octave)

There is an input, an output, an input for the power supply (supplied with an adapter for UK plug!), An output for an optional footswitch, MIDI output. The case metal is stronger than Hulk Hogan.


The config is the cake, as usual for the whammy: we turn, is pressed, it plays.
The manual is mostly there for show, or for those who use a footswitch or MIDI. ;)


So I had a whammy 4 years ago, I sold it because I finally not used much, and I found the sound too "fake". I know it pleases some, but not me.

Well it has NOTHING, but then nothing have it all with this one! Transposition, it is up or down, is really clear!
I use a homemade guitar with Seymour Duncan (Prails 2 and Hot Stack) on a Blackstar ID 100.
In clean, the "hot" side of the instrument is kept, it is not denatured and distortion ben is madness ... For drop tuning is ultra well done, do not quibble, we lose a tad of hair testicle dynamic (normal huh, if you want a real sound, well have several guitars tuned differently), but the sound remains clear , never messy. And even acute, was not this sort of weird buzzing like the old whammy!

I find him particularly good with doubling at the octave (type 12 strings) and "shallow" effect (the chorus detune section ... not the style assault ^ ^)


I received it two days ago, but I'm hooked! It is much more elaborate than the older versions.

The least: I would say the price, but it is still worth for such a quality.
Plus: red!

I would do this choice without hesitation ;)