DigiTech Whammy WH-4
DigiTech Whammy WH-4

Whammy WH-4, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from DigiTech in the Whammy series.

Spawn-X 03/27/2012

DigiTech Whammy WH-4 : Spawn-X's user review

«  Qu'n like it or not, this is a standard ... ;) »

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The Whammy is a far apart in the small world of special effects. This is actually a simple pitch-shifter, but with its most representative is comparable to that obtained with the pitch bend wheel on a synth.

Clearly, we play a note, and the action of the foot will drag it to another note located higher or lower relative to the note played. Just like ... a whammy bar or a vibrato in French ...

The score obtained in this way depends on the preset selected. + Or - 1 or 2 octaves - 6 octaves (!) For the effects of dive-bomb the EVH, but also things more nuance such as -1 tone that creates sounds close to the game bottleneck, etc. ... This is actually a pedal "alien" that allows all the wildest experimentation that uses the most nuanced according to the foot that arise over.

The presets called "Harmony" are not far behind. In contrast presets "Whammy", their function is to add the scores obtained in the original note depending, again, the preset selected. This makes it possible to add to the note played different intervals which vary depending on pedal position. For example, 4te /-5TE respectively when the pedal is in position "point in the air" or "point down". Or-1oct / 1 October Or you 5/6 you, etc. ...
You can get a lot of interesting things. For example, with the preset you 5/6 you, you can get convincing tones type Pedal-Steel, proof that this pedal is not only devoted to Tom Morellesques acrobatics.

Finally, two presets "Detune" pseudo-chorus offer a relatively limited but that does its job and makes some good service.

The bulk of this version + (regarded by followers as the fourth of the series) is definitely the presence of its MIDI input that allows it to respond to many follies.
Via a sequencer, it becomes possible for example to create melodic figures using a control change corresponding to the position of the foot control. It also becomes possible for musicians rackés of "ranger" pedal in a drawer in the flight case and Whammy to drive the distance from a MIDI foot controller. The advantages are so obvious. Reducing the number of audio cables and / or length between the pedal-board and the rack, can change the preset Whammy on the fly from the pedals without having to stoop, ability to drive the pedal via a reader of midi files, etc. ... Some manufacturers do in fact there are not deceived, see for example Moltent Voltage MIDI 2 (http://www.moltenvoltage.com/molten_midi_2.html) multiplies the possibilities of the Whammy.
In short, this is surely the greatest innovation introduced by Digitech pedal to its red.

Its faults it remains important to keep in mind. A bypass deplorable gripe a lot the original raw signal, and of course the fact that his treatment suffers polyphonic playing. But this latter deficiency is also being appreciated by many guitarists because it provides a characteristic bleating sound plays as soon as we agreed, however, that the pedal is activated mode 1 October (for example). This is actually a sound that I like my m ^ m much to the point that it became the base effect of a number of my compositions. Incidentally, I found some small variants in conjunction with the pitch-shifter of my Axe-FX Ultra. For example, a mode in October to play chords, I correct the pitch with the pitch-shifter of the Axis-1oct fashion. Result, I play with the height of my normal tuning, but while enjoying the sound instability which I just mentioned. And there are many other possible uses ...

If instead the "default" makes you cringe and want absolute stability in polyphonic playing, you better turn to another model like the Whammy or the Bomber DT Morpheus.


Everything said above ...


Everything said above ...


Everything said above ...