Guyatone MOm5 Micro octaver
Guyatone MOm5 Micro octaver

MOm5 Micro octaver, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Guyatone in the Mighty Micro series.

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MGR/John Gorbe 02/20/2011

Guyatone MOm5 Micro octaver : MGR/John Gorbe's user review

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The MOm5 is part of the Mighty Micro line of effects from Guyatone. These effects measure just 2.6' (W) x 3.9' (D) x 2.3' (H). I'm a professional guitarist/instructor with 31 years experience. I produce instructional videos for Elmore Music and perform with the band, 3 Hour Tour. I play many styles of music and delay is a pretty big part of my sound.

I acquired this pedal from Godlyke Distributing to review and also to upgrade my rig. The MOm5 can be purchased for $142.50 USD.

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This unit has a grungy, unpredictable sound that will leave analog enthusiasts salivating. This is truly an exciting effect you'll want to try on your next riff or solo. When I first plugged my guitar in I set the pedal to trigger one octave down and I was approached by a distorted tone and an effect that behaved in an unpredictable manner. This is part of the analog charm when working with harmonizing pedals. Each note I played was embedded in a cloud of fuzz and the octave down effect was triggered pretty accurately in the mid-high register of the fingerboard.

The unit features 3 main knobs on the top: Oct-1, Dry, and Oct-2. It's possible to create synth-like textures with the MOm5 by turning up the Oct-1 and Oct-2 controls and leaving the dry signal of the guitar down. I like to use this effect to thicken my single note lines, especially in the mid - upper register of the fingerboard. I just simply dial in the dry signal until it matches the uneffected signal and bring in the Oct-1 (1 octave down) knob until it's just audible. Another feature that works great is the addition of a filter switch that either distorts the tone, decreases the hi-end, or further decreases the high-end for an organ-like tone. More often than not I found myself switching the filter to the organ-like tone.

This may sound really picky, but if I want a clean octave effect that triggers perfectly 1 octave down I'd like to explore that as well as all the features that the MOm5 has to offer. Keeping with it's analog architecture, the unit is warm (especially selecting 'organ tone') and notes trigger in an unpredictable nature at times, which can be very pleasing.

The MOm5 is part of the Mighty Micro line of pedals from Guyatone and these are sturdy little stomp boxes packed with useful features. It's constructed of cast-alumimum and includes the input and output jack on the top back leaving the sides free. This is great if your pedalboard is smaller or if you're running out of real-estate. The unit feels as though it'll last a lifetime. Every switch and knob is solid to the touch and assures the player that it's always ready to deliver.

If you're looking for something different and even wacky to add to your sound - test drive an MOm5 Micro Octaver. In addition to the cool sound this unit provides its well thought out and clever design will appeal to many players.

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