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Thread Troubles at gigs

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1 Troubles at gigs
As a former employee of the British Revenue Service, it was always my job to collect the money due to us following the gig - great fun! Two instances come to mind in undergoing my duty -

1. Upon receiving the money, the booker giving me a form to sign with regard to tax said, "you need to fill this thing in for the tax man, just put down any name" I told him that I was a Tax Inspector and that what he had advised me to do could get him into serious trouble! The sheet white face that stared back at me was a joy!

2. Similar to the event above, the old man who was paying us and obviously someone who had never had handled authority before, passed to me the declaration form for tax, with a sarcastic "You've got to fill this in for the tax man!", "Oh", I said, "do you get many people who do not want to sign this?", "Oh yes" was his reply. Producing my Tax Warrant card, I suggested that I make an appointment with him to give me the names of those people who refuse to sign. The sarcastic smile changed to a grimace and I'm sure that he fouled his britches!
That's absolutely hilarious. With all due respect, this may be the one time in my life where I wish I was a tax inspector!

At the very least, it's the very first time in the life I've rooted for the equivalent of the IRS
Great stories. Thanks for sharing them!