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Linux Tango Studio
Linux Tango Studio
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hhub17 hhub17

«  complete, easy, without bugs »

Publié le 11/30/14 à 04:15
No manual is a Linux distribution found online. Downloading a CD / DVD, you start it and be tested, or is installed. Available in 32 and 64 bits for old and new ordis.
For me the installation was not difficult, I had already installed several Ubuntu (studio) and others on a drive with multiple partitions on purpose, where I kept my Windows XP, and another where I was 7, with multidémarrage utility.
No incompatibilities with hardware: Cell ordis or not, 32 and 64 with their original sound cards, sound cards / mixetteUSB Multimix USB2 Fireface UCX (RME) to DC USB mode work well, too, but my Line6 Toneport course software simulations and effects are not available.
General configuration easy, almost everything is made out.


My ordis: an old laptop with Toshiba 2GB of RAM, a Sony VAIO with 4 GB of RAM 2 processors, HP multimedia GO 2 with 4 processors, highly variable performance.
Everything works.
Samsung 2014 with 4GB planned for Windows 8 and all possible blockages to prevent other operating systems: I have not forced the installation because I wanted to keep my Windows (used for work), the blow with all their security / anti-linux locks, I could not install. But there are tutorials on the net for a bit around this. you must take your time and go with method.
For other ordis, very stable configuration, no crash, run for days without complaining, I let turn three days without touching it, and when I take it works right away.
I perfect food because it's still not their fault Grosoft do not like competition and plant traps in ordis with the complicity of the manufacturers, and anyway it's all nickel in this system, except sometimes the Bristol synth who is struggling but I think it is known.


This 3 years now I use it, I tried other systems also: ubuntustudio, KXstudio, 64studio FEDORA CCRMA.
I like the opportunity to test liveDVD, the bias of a dedicated music system including real-time kernel from the start, the integration of all the software without having to search through the list of repositories everything is useful as synths, and I believe the presence of winasio which allows use REAPER directly with just a little setup to do. See for all this. I also like to have the same system exactly on various materials from different generations, I could even connect to network with applications Qjackctrl music and sound transit network, if I had 8 arms and need. I may try with friends.
What I like least: NOTHING!
Price / quality ratio: Cost € 0, so great.
With experience, I would keep the multidémarrage and I would still be several linuxes and others, because I like it and it does not disturb anything, cohabitation is transparent. But we must see that Linux has progressed and some manufacturers make "class compliant" for smartphones (RME thank you!), But it allows the use of hardware under Linux computer, so it wins.
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