Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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manumars 04/05/2007

Microsoft Windows Vista : manumars's user review


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I bought a Vista Home I installed on my new pc.

I chose to be compatible with vista DirectX10 games in the coming months. I can not wait to play Crysis but I expect that DirectX10 graphics card to be cheaper and the games is available.
Vista is installed without problem, but I preferred to details during installation. At times you wonder if the pc install something or if it is bug. Nothing indicates the progress. Nvidia drivers were installed correctly. As for my sound card I have not found any drivers soundmax. All the features do not work, but enough to play and chat.


My configuration is:
"Asus m2n sli deluxe amd x2 3800, 1G Corsair DDR2 800mhz, nvidia 7600GS"
For now, I am disappointed with the features are offered by vista. But where did the defragmenter with its GUI? Vista is unable to defragment the disk properly, or even to display a percentage. It took me to install third party software to do the job for him (O & O Defrag). While the vista defragmenter announced that no defrag was needed, O & O Defrag to find 12% of files to defragment.
Every time I play Battlefield2 disk is very fragmented. With Xp, I defragment after each game. Now with Vista and fully automatic we know nothing about the state of the disc and best of all it is unable to do the job. I have yet to turn left overnight with the optimizer "Live one care" in the workplace. The optimizer has just defragmented the hard but with 12% remaining defrag is not at work.
Also my pc is less swift than vista xp. For UPTURNED on the desktop when Battefield is up and answer a Skype call, it takes hours. Microsoft wants to impress with voice recognition, but too bad it only works in "Franglais". This is really stupid on the part of Microsoft not to provide the French version with a vista FR. An update would be the least of it. In short, 2 years late for an OS that has little more than XP, apart from an office with transparency and Gadget. The only saving grace is for me, the more security, but I still tank ...
For me Vista is an OS, giving the impression of being not finished or even sloppy, and takes a lot of system resources.


I'm using vista for about a month, only for me to train, play and chat. Everything else I did on Linux, which fills me with features. For me, Vista will be very expensive for users who do not know any other OS than Windows this, Windows that. We'll have to pay dearly for a particular functionality.
In short, I hope at least that DirectX 10 worth it, if my investment would have no meaning.