Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2

Windows XP Home SP2, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 : Anonymous 's user review


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The installation is very simple, we follow the instruction and it's good there's no worries. Many devices are known, and if the worst, we can not find a driver for a particular card, a ride on the Internet and it's good. Windows Home SP2, is very easy to utillisation as the most part of Microsoft systems elsewhere. On this side, there is nothing to say I put 8 it merits for use / installation quick and easy.


Okay so this is where it gets tough. Today I found a configuration Obselete, P4 1.5 Ghz 512MB ram Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX400. Windows will load without problems.
But then is the horror, the system will crash, reboots itself without warning the screen goes too sleep alone (it's nice for a lot of work photoshop, or during a session Fruity Loops). Let me be crystal clear on this side, at home, Windows Home SP2 is a M **** infamme. It does not work, it crashes for no reason ... Anyway The only positive thing in there (so to speak, is rather a true negative) we no longer see the famous "blue screen of death" and for good reason, the system reboots before, or the screen is before.

In short, it's a bad combination of hardware-software at home. I put 0


I have several ordis home, two on Windows (98SE and XP Home SP2). Before I had two pcs running XP Home SP2, the other machine has recently migrated to GNU / Linux, for that I was tired of all these crashes. Even for personal use, I find that Windows Home SP2 is very very average, in fact, I use this machine just for games and internet, if it's been ages since I used Windows XP Home SP2 as a system of every day / work it's really not made for that. It is only good for running games.

I do not recommend this OS for those that want to work that demmande least seri. But for gamers, it's ideal. Finally, I am not spétialement "Anti-Microsoft" This OS could have been good, I'm just disappointed to have lost my money for software that carry out his duties, but evil.
With my experience, I do not probably do it again this election, I will invest instead in a Mac or a PC with GNU / Linux.

To note, I did average. 8 0 / 2 4 = not very bright ...