Microsoft Windows Vista Edition Intégrale
Microsoft Windows Vista Edition Intégrale

Windows Vista Edition Intégrale, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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ScahR 08/27/2009

Microsoft Windows Vista Edition Intégrale : ScahR's user review


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Installation is relatively simple especially compared to Windows XP. It is done automatically and quickly enough (between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the power of your PC).

That said, of course, provide your drivers, because no hardware is detected after installing Vista, you must install everything yourself, and it takes time counting multiple restarts to do ...

So in total, allow a good hour just to install the OS and drivers (not including the installation of updates and software ...)


Fixed configuration of my PC:
Core2Duo 1.86GHz, 4GB RAM, SATA HDD 2x160Go (in RAID0) Geforce 8600GT.

The Integral Vista installation was done in about 25 minutes: After installing the drivers and some software, we already feel the system to rise tremendously.
After 1 month of use, the PC will put more 1mn30 to start, despite regular defragmentation. Not counting the many crashes of the same OS or applications that rotates.
Vista alone consumes a lot of resources, which paralyzes some of the applications that need power (such as games or graphics software).
In the end, we are left with performances worthy of a PC with a single core Celeron and 256MB of ram ... spot the mistake!
Understand that Vista has not been running long on my PC, I quickly cleared, me that is quite demanding in terms of performance ...

I also also Vista on a Sony Vaio Laptop 2GB RAM, Pentium dual core, 160GB SATA 5400rpm HDD.
The OS has turned two weeks and cleared: lousy battery life, processor and hard drive NEVER the same rest when the PC does NOTHING, 3 minutes from start-up time and the same time to extinction.
Not to mention the fact that the opening of a cold beast like firefox software, or even a single file, sometimes took more than 20 seconds. of anything ...
Then I went on the same notebook to a Linux distribution, I doubled battery life and largely increased PC performance.


I used it recently, I still made the effort to test the recent 64-bit SP1, very little change, this OS is still heavy, slow and annoying.

What is to have a clean config like mine if the OS bouffe in half performance? Congratulations Microsoft have made you strong on this one.

In short, if you want a slow, unstable system, regardless réatif which switches your config latest gamer for a poor pathetic PC there is 5 years old, take VISTA!

Otherwise, stay with XP or say bye bye to Microsoft to spend on a decent operating system name.