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Armon P100
Armon P100
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minimumvital minimumvital
Publié le 05/30/07 à 04:00
A lot of nostalgia at the sight of this picture.

Indeed, it is with this camera, bought at great expense by my parents in the summer of 1979, I started learning the keyboard at the age of 14.

This is an Italian organ type "apartment", typical of 70 years.


Sounds produced by blending presets for two keyboards with built-in HP (mono), drum machine, effects ("Special Section") including chorus (rather phasing in fact) + reverb (reverb false, rather an extension of the decay waveforms).


Despite all the emotion that was able to procure the purchase of this instrument (bought without even trying I was so naive and impressed by the seller at the time!), I must say that this organ sounds as Gammell!

Yes, it is an organ Italian, but you'd think it produces sounds like "Farfisa" vintage.

Not at all, it is difficult to describe sounds "hollow", "transparent", "bland", in short, is the digest of zero, and in this category can not be made worse.

Ultimately, it would make it so endearing it's ever heard!


The value given to this device is fed to me a huge dose of nostalgia, which is why I love it despite all the evil I say!