Elka Elkatone 615
Elka Elkatone 615

Elkatone 615, Organ from Elka.

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zitouni 03/26/2011

Elka Elkatone 615 : zitouni's user review


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HP cabin type rotary Leslie spring reverb
two bodies: a header containing rotating treble horn and a 2 channel amp, and a database containing a rotary woofer
a remote control gives access to the start of the engines, two-speed switch, régalges two paces (slow and fast) start reverb, reverb choices short or long


simple settings, no manual, but a child would pull


HP rotary inimitable sound unlike a guitar amp "normal", what kind of amp delivers the sound to 360 °, and therefore relies heavily on the room acoustics.
I tested it with an organ, guitar, and ... electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy, feeling warranty, very effective sound installed, groundwater, atmosphere, or slow tempos


I also Elka 700, here we are in the upper range, two bodies, it makes a nice buffet on stage to take, uh, you really want to!
it is rather cumbersome, but the studio is perfect! with a few bonus mechanical noise, belts, motors, the current of air horns that turn, clicks the remote, hmmmm, it's everything but the stereo, it's still a transistor amp, but it has character !