Yamaha MC-400
Yamaha MC-400

MC-400, Organ from Yamaha in the Electone series.

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SofianeMystery 06/13/2006

Yamaha MC-400 : SofianeMystery's user review


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Audience: Beginners
- It's a more ag viel organ than me! We offered it to me because I like playing Młoda it!
I do not know its exact CHARACTERISTICS prfre so I leave this link to help you
Click here ( http://www.electone.com/museum/index.html?i=211 )
- Are there a lot of buttons, the sustain is amazing for me, the options are diverse and varied, so varied that in fact too much for me!
- There are two MIDI In and Out ports, a headphone jack (Jack In 6mm I believe but not!), A jack for connecting a magnto / cassette recorder vidmment
- There is not no utility that I know, does the organ manufactured in 1985 so I do not know if a connection to a PC / Mac is possible


- The configuration gnrale is quite simple, even though it takes some time before any matriser, the evidence is that I have for about a year (I have been offered so avcu it!) and I have limited to half of lments of the fireball, which is enough for me dja! There is a volume knob, one volume pedals (useful when you have grumpy neighbors!) Slcteurs of configurations (You can save the config to not lose sound !)....
- The edition of sounds and effects (Ya both, as it was clear!) Is very simple, the sounds are prconfigurs (Inconvnient when you want to sound totally customizable but benefits when you are in a cake!) and the effects of the same!
The manual-only aid me in saving my "works" but it is extremely Retailer (sometimes too!) But easy to use


This is the part where I call (Fawn talking !!!):
- The MC-400 offers a rich palette of Audible (All users and all connoisseurs know what I mean, other dcouvrent!), We can combine two sounds both, which is useful for every style of music. Obviously this is an organ so the organ sound is there! This should all styles of music, I deprecated the music "trash" it! If you have it, I recommend the OST vidos games (Final Fantasy) that sounds pretty good!
- It's MIDI, so do not expect the latest, especially when a date of 1985, but all the same quality of bluffing ... The sound of the piano is really beautiful, sonnorits organ are exceptional, and the rest is acceptable!
- The term?? I do not know what was meant but I understand:
The keys are diffrent than those found in the majority of classical piano, they ragissent not support force that carries it (Too bad, but for beginners, I think a will go!). I think the volume pedals can help fill this gap (Must be fast but not the foot forcment powerful, it is quite "soft" as the pedals).
- My sonnorits prfres are: piano, organ (all sonnorits), vibraphone, banjo and flute.
The rest of sonnorits indiffrentes me!


- I use it for a year in "passive"
- I like "two floors" of the organ, allows a particular use when you're a pro! (I'm a cake!)
- I tried one MODEL with a friend, I can not remember what brand it was but the keys are like on the piano!
- I said I was lucky that I offer, the report is qualitprix Obviously wrong now, because for the price we have more gear INTERESTED!
- If offrai me another, I would say yes without hsiter!