Ovation CU247 Pinnacle Deluxe
Ovation CU247 Pinnacle Deluxe

CU247 Pinnacle Deluxe, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Ovation.

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DGrach 11/09/2006

Ovation CU247 Pinnacle Deluxe : DGrach's user review


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Guitar made in Korea, I found superbly finished with mother of pearl around the body.
Side is the OP30 preamp with a built-in tuner, a 3-Band EQ, and a few features on the reduction of certain frequencies.
This is a box round average (Mid-depth)

I love this look with vents, and the headstock .....


The handle is fine for my taste, very enjoyable to play.
Minor complaint, the body round, as you sit to play it normal, but when you play standing up, because the body is round, it turns slightly upward and the position of the hand on the handle tilts to compensate and it changes quite a bit benchmarks and it's a little tiring, but it is force.

I have no amp, so I play mostly acoustic, but when I have the chance to plug it, I love the sound .......... and it is quite easy to find the right sound.


Question's: In his Ovation acoustic is rather a result of the metal crate lyrachord, but I was the sound I wanted.
As I said I have no amp, but sometimes I play with a friend who lends me a Marshall AS50R and there I found the sound of my guitar géniaaaal.
And with all possible settings between the amp and preamp guitar, one may well seek to refine and ITS.


I had dreamed so much that when I got it, I was afraid that the reality does not live up to my dream, well it was not even better than I imagined.
For over a year since I still I love it as much. Also with her, I really grew as it very enjoyable to play, especially that before I had a kind of guitar, unmarked, without sound, without anything .....

I hesitated for a moment with a takamine in the same price range, but the sound is less Takamine me.
I have a friend who has bought the Takamine and when we play together, I do not regret having chosen the ovation, she is better, both in terms of look and in terms of its .