Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

Steel String Backpacker Guitar, Other Acoustic Guitar from Martin & Co in the Backpacker series.

MGR/MattG 01/28/2011

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar : MGR/MattG's user review

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The <b>Martin Backpacker</b> is Martin's answer for the guitarist on the go that's made to withstand the elements. As it's name suggests, the guitar is made for backpackers and campers. This is the six string, non-electric model. It has Mahogany laminate back and solid braced top. The neck is also mahogany. There is a nylon string and a mandolin version of the backpacker.

I purchased the guitar used a few years ago because I was heavy into hiking and backpacking and wanted to be able to take a guitar to write. I wanted something cheap and portable enough that I wouldn't have to worry about keeping it safe.

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My favorite thing about this guitar is that it weighs less than two and a half pounds. It's only a little more than three pounds when it's in the gig back so its not a lot of extra weight to pack with you. It sounds pretty good for such a small and non traditional bodied guitar. To me it sounds slightly like a banjo. It plays in tune and isn't hard to get in tune. It has decent tuners and with a little help plays pretty well.

You have to use a strap to play the guitar because the body is so small it can't be supported on your body. I would love it to be a little louder but I really can't complain.

The quality of construction is solid on the backpacker. It has decent tuners and the wood is solid. I have hiked many miles with the guitar banging on my backpack or breaking my fall. It has spent nights in very cold weather and days baking in the hot car. Even through all this, the guitar still stays and plays in tune.

Bottom line, this guitar works great for what it is designed to do. I do not recommend this guitar for beginners to learn on. I also don't recommend it to those looking to own a Martin and enticed by the $200 dollar price tag. There are many other $200 dollar guitars that sound better, but no guitar will work better for a light and durable camping guitar.

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