Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

Steel String Backpacker Guitar, Other Acoustic Guitar from Martin & Co in the Backpacker series.

ddn 06/23/2014

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar : ddn's user review

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It's a Martin. Me buying it, I was awfully proud to have Martin, especially for that price.
The handle is the big sound not handle end where big fingers play well.


The handle is large, the good. A hint of caution though: there is no trussrod not so thick ropes under penalty of twist (martin extra-light only, that's what the fans say this guitar).
Access to treble is good, because there's treble it in this guitar.
Ergonomics, uh, how to say this politely ... That sucks. You can not play without a strap that is hard to do well hold. You can not play or lying sprawled on a couch, sitting must play with strap taut as if we had a broom in the (nose). And even then, the body is lighter than the head so it slumps continuously unless you nailed your strap in your left shoulder.
Sound, uh, how to say this politely ... That sucks. It looks like the sound of a banjo box match.


Careful, now, I'm sure if you files that Jess Williamson she will you do with owls songs, I'm just saying that current use is useless for most people. Mainly because the sound is so typical that it requires a particular hit out some balanced thing that makes picking technique you acquire on this guitar you will only use this guitar. Too bad, huh, for a guitar training.


I had two weeks via a rather advantageous exchange.
I honestly hated this guitar, but it probably comes from my gambling
Acoustic I play mostly in bed and the couch, sprawled like a slug. With Backpacker is not possible to play other than stiff sitting upright or standing stiffly erect too. Forget the time of relaxation with your guitar.
It is much less bulky than a parlor and it sounds much worse.
It requires a special technique of playing it seems impossible to implement on another guitar. In itself this is not a big deal but I do not see that this machine can ENTERING main instrument (except Jess Williamson but I already said).
Basically, I took out my Baby Taylor from the case.