Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

Steel String Backpacker Guitar, Other Acoustic Guitar from Martin & Co in the Backpacker series.

MGR/Kupono Mc 12/29/2002

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar : MGR/Kupono Mc's user review

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I purchased this guitar on line for $150.

The Backpacker is small and easy to travel with. It comes with a gig bag which is handy and so far even after 9/11 I have had no problem with airlines allowing me to carry it on. The sound is great for it's size which is the key. The natural wood looks really nice.

I was bothered by the quiet sound at first but after playing a Baby Taylor I realized what I had. The Taylor sounded a lot like the Backpacker and seems like it is quite a bit larger because of the shape of the body.

The construction is great BUT when I recieved it the action was too high for me and I had a bit of trouble with a few chords muting. An adjustment by a local dealer for $35 and now it is great.

I feel that the Backpacker is exactly what it is cracked up to be. Travelling from Hawaii to Washington D.C with this baby was a joy. When I was bored at the airport or anywhere else I broke it out and had a blast. Price, quality, style...if it is small and value you're looking for this is the one.

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