Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger

RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger, Other Drum/Percussion Accessory from Roland.

Pdeg 08/11/2014

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger : Pdeg's user review

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I used it for 3 years, I hesitated with ddrum but as I unn td6 Module parameter settings was easier as recognized by the module.
it's good material, a little expensive but works well. the problem of all triggers is the setting that is done upstream on the module (sensitivity, trigger sound, etc ... it takes a little time but if done right you don ' have no problem or less.
the other downside is the foam backing on your skin, roland recommends not crush but just contacts, and do not forget to unscrew the party making the foam cone to avoid the wear prematurely because otherwise it crashes.
overall I am satisfied; Now I've sold to switch to pure sound with microphones and that's really good ... now if I had any good electro sounds I used just take 1 or 2 pads 8 inches not take too much space on the set, to see ...