Aphex Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III
Aphex Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III

Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III, Other dynamic processor from Aphex.

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moosers 12/08/2009

Aphex Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III : moosers's user review


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The Aphex Systems Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III is a stereo harmonic enhancer and noise gate.  It is a digitally based piece of outboard gear and I'm pretty sure it has XLR connections as well as 1/4 inch ones, but I can't remember exactly.  This is rackable piece of gear and will only take up a single rack space.


Using the Aphex Systems Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III is quite easy as everything is easily located and manipulated.  Each channel has parameters for noise threshold, tune, peaking, null fill, harmonics, timbre, and mix.  Both channels also have a slew of buttons to give you some further options and features.  I can't say too much more about the make up of this piece of gear as everything is self explanatory for the most part.  I've never had access to a manual for this so I can't say anything about its usefulness.


The sounds that are possible with the Aphex Systems Model 250 Aural Exciter Type III are pretty cool overall.  While this won't do anything too crazy to your signal, if you're looking for more clarity here and there this will definitely help you out.  It is also great at removing extraneous noise from your signal.  Since there are a good amount of parameters to work with on each channel, you can use this with just about any application where you would want to add a bit more life to your sound.  I've used it on everything from electric guitar to snare drum and find that it comes in handy sometimes unexpectedly. 


I've been using the Aphex Systems Model 250 for about a year and while it isn't the best exciter out there that I have used, it definitely gets the job done more times than not.  While this definitely isn't an essential to the home or professional studio, it is a nice extra to have around as I find myself using it strange situations sometimes where I wouldn't expect to use it.  It is probably not necessary for smaller studio owners to own something like this as you can replicate the sound with a plug-in easier, but for those looking to expand on their outboard gear I would definitely recommend checking out the Aphex Systems Model 250.