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eaReckon Updates ANALOG87 & FREE87 Series

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eaReckon ANALOG87
News eaReckon ANALOG87

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eaReckon has released updates for its ANALOG87 andFREE87 series effect plug-ins.

These updates offer 32/64bit VST/AU plugins for Mac OSX (10.5 or later) and 32/64bit VST plugins for Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

The 9 (5 + 4) plugins have been re-coded and feature new interfaces, some new algorithms and more.


Changes in ANALOG87/FREE87 v1.1.0

  • Re-coded.
  • Available for Mac OS X (10.5 minimum) as 32/64bit VST and AU plugins.
  • Native 32/64bit VST versions for Windows.
  • New GUI.
  • Alternative authorization process. It is now possible to authorize eaReckon plugins by downloading a (watermarked) key file. This key file is available after some manual verifications. The challenge/response method is still available as a way to authorize plugins just after purchase.
  • [BW-LIMIT87, CS-STRIP87, PR-EQUA87, SD-COMP87] Improved “anti-distortion” limiter algorithm.
  • [PR-EQUA87] New low/high cut filters with –12dB/octave and –24dB/octave options.
  • [PR-EQUA87] New multicolor frequency response curve (global curve + one curve per freq section + one curve per “cut” filter.
  • [PR-EQUA87] Improved stereo frequency analyzer.
  • [SD-GATE87] Two linkable thresholds in all modes (when linked, low threshold is automatically set to 2dB less than high threshold). Two thresholds are what you need to avoid “chattering” in most situations.
  • [SD-GATE87] A new “reference monitoring” switch lets you listen to what is currently triggering the gate.
  • [SD-GATE87] Improved “Duck” algorithm featuring two modes depending on the position of the thresholds “Link” switch.
  • [SD-GATE87] New “openness” meter.
  • [CS-STRIP87] benefits from new algorithms implemented in other plugins (“anti-chattering” gate, improved limiter algorithm, improved low/high cut filters, …).


Pricing & Availability:

The ANALOG87 bundle is available to purchase for 69 EUR until November 12th, 2011 (regular 99 EUR). The updated FREE87 Series plugins can now be downloaded from eaReckon.


More information: eaReckon

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