Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle V3
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle V3

Blue Tubes Bundle V3, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Nomad Factory.

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jem.b 12/14/2007

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle V3 : jem.b's user review


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Mac G5 OSX Tiger on non intel

it works with the fire of God super collection for not very expensive ... the very simple installation with a challenge response .. It took me 10 minutes to break everything .. as said in the previous opinion .. have a comprehensive installer t even more effective when


G5 Quad .. 6GB of RAM with Digital Performer 5
ca slab that weighs on the processor but the quality is to go ..


Used for 15 days and no problem ... the presets are very good even if I organiss is not ..

it really is the collection that I needed to add a little vintage sound that was missing was my prods .. compressor equa, limit, de-esser, delay, phaser etc. .. everything is there and I finally have the "big the "Search .. bought it on do not crack it is almost 100 euros cheaper than the site of nomad factory that is all is said ... .. .. going to the ziq