Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle

Blue Tubes Bundle, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Nomad Factory.

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Brahma 03/11/2004

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle : Brahma's user review


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Installation is very simple, it is, it installs, and nickel ....


I have a Pentium 4c 2.4 ghz on an asus P4C800 deluxe with 512 of ram, and I turn with echo mia midi ...
I can run my 24-track Cubase SX 2 with at least the compressor and the equalizer alone, no clicks ...
Against the chorus is by Leg ', then I would have preferred a good a good chorus equa ... Matter of choice.


Already four months of use and it's really a great plugin, very easy to use, with no apparent problem or bug. A test!